Play fantasy sports

while you invest in the future.

Earn $CRLL by playing head to head, as well as contest pools
Stake $CRLL to Be The House.


Experience fantasy sports like never before.

Testnet Rewards program starts October 1, 2021

Fair Contest Practices

Rigorous decentralisation process using Band Protocol Oracles that rely on multiple data sources.

Deflationary Tokens

40% of the rake fees are burnt using $CRLL tokens. This ensures minimal price volatility.

Be the

By being a liquidity provider or staking your tokens, you can take part in reward distributions.

All your favorite teams

from your favorite leagues

Join a brand new metaverse that is mapped to real-world games and will quickly become the largest and the most dynamic blockchain-based fantasy sports platform in existence.

Take part in hundreds of contests across more than 5000 leagues, including sports like Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA), American Football (NFL), Cricket, and Football (~50+ leagues)

Ready to join one of the most positive and diverse player communities in the digital world today?


Pick your squad by spending $100m on 11 players. Score points based on each player’s live performance.


Prove your skills, compete against other managers. Up to 70% winners are declared, all with a low rake fee of ~5%.


Earn rewards daily by staking your $CRLL tokens and receive $CRLL for every contest that takes place on the platform.


Crypto11 Tokenomics that govern the Crypto11 protocol

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